Emergency Notifications

What’s the best way to ensure that yourself and your family are notified if there’s ever an imminent threat to your life or safety, weather-related or otherwise of emergency situations in the Town of Windsor?

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Traditionally, homeowners relied on using a landline phone for incoming calls. For those homes, the Emergency Alert System receives data from the 9-1-1 database to automatically send alerts to landline phones. However, many families have chosen to opt out of having a landline phone in their home and have moved to using cell phones. Having access to an opt-in alerting system, such as NoCo Alerts, ensures that every Windsor household—even if they don’t have a landline—has an opportunity to receive the same emergency alerts.

Through an intergovernmental agreement, the Town of Windsor relies on NoCo Alerts through the Larimer Emergency Telephone Authority (LETA) to send emergency-related notifications to all Windsor residents and businesses located in Weld and Larimer Counties.

By signing up for NoCo Alerts, you will be able to receive alerts to your mobile phone in the form of texts, voice calls and as emails, giving you access to life-saving information, particularly when there is an imminent threat to life such as:

  • Missing endangered child or adult
  • Police activity that would require you to evacuate or take shelter
  • Natural gas leaks
  • Severe weather (large hail, flooding, tornado warnings)

Additionally, the NoCo Alert website includes access to an interactive alert map and serves as a clearinghouse for additional information about specific alerts. The information you provide to NoCo Alerts will be used for emergency purposes only.

In 2019, LETA rebranded its alert system to NoCo Alerts. If you signed up for LETA notifications in the past, you are now part of the NoCo Alert system. However, you may want to log in and make sure the system has your most recent contact information.

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CodeRed System Provides Additional Alert Coverage

Windsor residents may have also heard about the CodeRed Emergency Notification System that Weld County uses to inform the public of immediate threats to health and safety. Also known as Weld Alert 911, this is an additional option for making sure your family is alerted in the event of an imminent emergency that is taking place in Weld County. While this service isn’t available for Windsor residents living in Larimer County, it is helpful for all families who work or attend school in Windsor’s Weld County side or in another Weld County town or city.