Property & Evidence

The Windsor Police Department Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for maintaining the integrity of evidence and/or property collected during a criminal investigation and/or held for safekeeping. It is the policy of the Windsor Police Department to ensure that evidence and property being held by the department: 

  • Is properly stored in secure facilities
  • Can be retrieved for analysis, court, or release
  • That the chain of custody for each item can be verified

Found Property

Notice is hereby given that the property listed below is being held for safekeeping by Windsor Police Department. If you believe any of the property belongs to you, you must claim it within 30 days from the date it was collected by Police. If property is not claimed within 30 days, it will be disposed of.

22-07083Identity Document500 Block Lakewood Drive04/22/2022
22-07065Wallet600 Block Main Street04/22/2022
22-07007KeyLCR 32 E/River Bluffs Open Space 
22-06392MoneyWindshire Drive/15th Street
22-06392PurseWindshire Drive/15th Street04/13/2022
22-05881Cell PhoneCamberly Drive/Charlton Drive04/13/2022
22-06090Pocket Knife300 Block Walnut04/08/2022
22-05882Medical DeviceMain St./7th St. 04/05/2022
21-19293Bicycle1300 Block Redwood Ct.03/30/2022
21-21272Bicycle500 Block Pine Drive03/30/2022
22-04039Bicycle1000 Stone Mountain Drive03/29/2022
22-04666Wallet7000 Block Eastman Park Drive03/24/2022
22-03924Cash200 Block North 11th Street03/08/2022
22-03570Cash200 Block North 11th Street03/02/2022
21-20844Container with Trinkets32000 Block Highway 25712/15/2021
21-19713RingMain Park11/23/2021
21-19299License Plate200 Block 11th Street11/15/2021
21-18746Bicycle200 Block 11th Street11/09/2021
21-17835Bicycle1000 Block Grand Avenue11/09/2021
21-18315RingBoardwalk Park11/03/2021