Secure Streets

Windsor Secure Streets logoThe Windsor Police Department wants to work with its community to make it harder for criminals to succeed by launching the Secure Streets video share program. By crowdsourcing information about property owners’ video devices, Windsor Police hope to create a database that allows them to quickly contact property owners for video footage that can potentially help identify, apprehend and prosecute criminals.

Program Participation is Easy & Secure

The Secure Streets program works on a voluntary basis. Property owners who have private video security systems that record public areas such as streets, sidewalks or parking lots register their cameras with the department then officers who respond to burglaries, assaults, and other crimes will be able to see a secure map of nearby locations with cameras so they can quickly contact the registered volunteer that may have recorded footage.

Additional information about the Secure Street Program: 

  • The program is not intended for active or live feed surveillance or for monitoring residents in neighborhoods. 
  • It also does not allow officers remote or direct access to private video systems.
  • It takes the owner’s expressed permission and cooperation to view, download, or copy any recorded incident. 
  • Details are kept confidential and in a secure database that is only accessible by authorized staff. 
  • Police personnel will only ask to view footage relating to a specific criminal act for use as evidence to aid in on-going investigations.
  • Property owners can unsubscribe at any time.

If you have questions about the Secure Streets program, please call the Windsor Police Department Secure Streets program coordinator at 970-674-6436. 

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